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It's Valentine's Day! That means even more delicious truffles!

About our truffles

The secret behind the success of any scientific experiment is keeping things simple, and here at the Chocolate Lab, we maintain this philosophy. Our basic truffle recipe is comprised of 2 ingredients: chocolate and cream. The hand-rolled centers of our truffles are a rich, bitter-sweet ganache while the outsides are a sweet milk chocolate. The creamy center results in a truffle that simply melts in your mouth. As far as flavors go, we will try anything once as scientists, experimenting is in our nature.

Purchasing our truffles

Valentine's Day is at hand and that means a fresh, new batch of truffles is in the works! For $8 you can buy a box of 8 truffles in one of 5 delicious flavors. Can't decide on just one? Create a custom combination by selecting 4 of the 5 flavors. You can spice up your Valentine's with some of our famous Mayan truffles or make it hot-hot-hot with our spicy Chili flavored ones. Afterwards go au naturale with our all natural Raspberry or Original truffles. Want something a little crazier? Go nutty with our creamy, smooth Peanut Butter.